custom door and entrywayCan you think of anything from a quality point of view, that you would like to see in your home that is not already included as a standard?  Are you hoping that your builder is not cutting corners and leaving you with mid-quality or low-quality items as their standard?  Will you then have to pay extra to get a decent quality home, or worse, not even find out until it is too late?

At Diamante Custom Homes we do not sacrifice on quality!  You can see the quality in our homes and we will tell you that this is our standard.  Our standard is top of the line and the highest quality guaranteed.  Our standard is Energy Efficiency, Guaranteed Energy Bills, Modern 3D Technologies, Highest Insulation Efficiencies, Options in Framing Techniques, and 20 years of experience building the highest quality homes in San Antonio & the surrounding Hill Country.

We go a step further in spelling out the specifications the will be included in your new custom home.  We do not just simply tell you that we will include the highest quality materials in your home.  During design we simultaneously work on the specifications.  By the end of the design phase we will hand you a full 20-25 page specifications packet.  This is the quality and experience we bring from the commercial building environment.  We do not show you an upgraded  model home and then give you our word that theses items will be included.  We detail it in writing just like we detail our Energy Efficiency in writing.

The plans are the pictures and the specifications are the instructions, we say.  If the specifications are not detailed enough, how do you know you are getting enough quality?  Detailed specifications are a must and this is yet another way that we have become smarter in the way we build for you!  Do you have a project coming up that we should know about, contact us now for a free consultation.