diamante custom television roomJust like the proverbial “chicken and egg” question, “Which comes first?” is a question that confuses some people, but must be answered before you start the custom, home building process.  While the question may seem obvious, it is important to know the right answer to avoid problems from the beginning.  The architect comes first, right?  Not so fast! Stay with me….

Some people put the cart before the horse and in all the excitement, get ahead of themselves.  You thought that you had done it all right.  You have a set of plans, a sparkle in your eye, and a skip in your step because you have the plans to your dream home.

During the last several months, you have spent countless hours dreaming about your new home and holding meetings with your architect.  You went through revision after revision until late in the evenings.  You’ve worked tirelessly to make every room just right- giving instruction upon instruction to your architect about each room.  You have the latest trends in low voltage lighting and cutting edge insulation.

At last you are ready to find a builder. You are so excited- you have finished your plans and are now ready to build. You can see it, you can even taste it.  And then the moment of truth arrives.  You are ready to talk to a builder and get him started, but here was the problem.  The actual cost to build the house- that you had labored over so many hours, over so many months- ends up costing 75% more to build than you expected.

How did this happen? Well- you asked the architect and he gave you his estimate of what it would cost.  That’s what you had based your plans on-The architect’s estimate.  Here in lies the problem.  Architects are not trained in doing cost estimates.  If only you had known the importance of which came first, the builder– not the architect.

If you are in this predicament, give Diamante Custom Homes a call.  We have assembled a team of the top architects in Texas that know our Design/Build process intimately.  We go through a thought process to match you with an architect that best fits your project.  We work together with you to ensure your vision comes to life on budget.  We give you a cost analysis upon every revision to the plans.  When we are done with the design, you will know exactly how much it will cost to build- no surprises.  We truly know what it takes to achieve a hassle free custom home building experience. So contact us now to get started.  Now has never been a better time to build the house of your dreams.