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CRanch stairway design                                                                                                    As a company we are fully bonded and insured for up to $2 million.  Our commercial entity JAS does some government contracting and commercial work and they will not even talk to us unless we are fully bonded and insured.  In order to get bonded and insured for that amount we have to be totally spotless financially.

This is one thing, as a company, that we take pride in.  This is not something that most any other home builder can say.  In fact, as a general rule, most bonding companies will not even consider bonding a residential contractor because they do not have the proper bookkeeping systems in place.  We have been performing commercial contracting for over ten years and we only achieved “bondable” status within the last three years.  The point is, being bondable requires financial strength, stability, and thorough accounting practices.

Our financial strength, stability, and thorough accounting practices are just more ways we bring peace of mind to our clients.  After all, you would not trust just anyone to build your home right?  If you would like more information about our bonding capability and wish to discuss a project that you have coming up, give us a call!