custom home tile bathroomNow you get to have some fun!   While you continue to dream about the possibilities for your new, custom home, let’s create a “Dream Home Packet.”

The packet will go hand in hand with the Diamante Custom Homes “Dream Sheet!”  At the heart of the Diamante’s Design/Build process is the Homeowner’s Design Worksheet aka. “The Dream Sheet.” Your new home is a collaboration of your needs, wants, and dreams. The Dream Worksheet is designed to further streamline your ideas while setting the stage for the project scope and budget.

Gather some magazines and tear out pictures of features you really like or want in your home and , just like you did in art class, start collecting them in a packet. You may also want to consider online pin boards like Pinterest that allow you to build an online photo book.

You may also want to take photos of features in other homes you have walked through.  Model homes, friends, or neighbors homes can be great sources of ideas as well.  Write on each picture specifically what you like about it.  Why did you tear it out?  People often begin collecting pictures, but months later they cannot recall why they tore it out in the first place.  Write it down.

Creating your Dream Home Packet can be an inspiring and enjoyable activity, and it will be very helpful to us as your builder and design team.  To learn more about the what the design process entails and how we can design to your budget give us a call to set up a free consultation.  Are you on the go with no time to talk right now, drop us a line and we will get back to you soon!