diamante custom homes logoEver wonder about the guarantee that your home will be inspected to highest standard?

Will the guarantee your builder offers live up to your expectations?  More importantly do you know what to look for at each stage of the building process?  Does your builder offer to inspect the job for you on his own or do they offer the highest quality 3rd party inspectors/raters as included value?  How do you really know?

At Diamante Custom Homes we offer you a 10 year major structural warranty as added value to you the client.  We are able to offer you this warranty as an insurance policy and not just our word that everything will be ok 8-10 years down the road.

In today’s economy you want to be ensured that your builder will be able to not only finish your home’s construction, but more importantly to be around through the warranty process and to be 100% certain you are covered against anything that could happen down the road.

We are ONLY able to offer this type of warranty to you if we pass more than 30 inspections and quality assurance throughout the building process by a licensed 3rd party rater.  That rater is Veritas Building & Energy Consultants– the Cadillac of new home construction inspections and energy raters.  With more than 20 years of experience, the quality assurance of Veritas, and the financial strength of Diamante Custom Homes as your builder, rest assured that you will be covered & insured through anything that may occur!