As in most industries, not all custom home builders are created equal. We have seen so many custom builders come and go over the years. As a result we have seen so many problems and frustrations left with homeowners. As we all know, you can always find someone cheaper to complete a construction job if you are willing to look hard enough, but what are you sacraficing … quality, craftsmanship, supervision, piece of mind?

It is important to get an understanding of what exactly you are getting with your new custom home. We always say a builder and client are like husband and wife and essentially married to each other during the job – remember there is a honeymoon period as well! It is important that the job is a good fit for both the homeowners and builder.

Over the last 25 years we have compiled the very best and short of saying the only important questions to ask in solidifying your builder selection process.

  1. There is a law in Texas about co-mingling funds. What practice do you use to ensure that this does not happen from job to job?
  2. You’re a small company, in the case that something tragic happens to the owner of your company, what operations do you have in place to ensure that my project will not be put on hold and will still be completed by the original projected timeline?
  3.  Say we get into a dispute halfway through construction, how do you safeguard thorough accounting of my project on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

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