Did you know that home appliances are getting smarter, just like your phones and TVs? Appliances now include smart applications that allow you to engage with them directly from your phone or tablet, like at the grocery store or dry cleaners. Diamante Custom Homes reviewed the following smart appliances and we know you’ll be just as interested in there features as we were.

Here are our top rated appliances that are energy efficient, affordable, and designed to save you time:

hot water fridge

Refrigerators With Hot Water

That’s right! Refrigerators can have hot water, too. The GE Cafe Series French-Door Refrigerator resembles a smartphone app with a touchscreen. This refrigerator can pre-program temperature, including for hot soup, hot coffee, or a cup of hot tea, and provide multiple features  that are growing in popularity.

Additionally, the refrigerator can add sparkling water next to your water and ice options, keep track of what’s in the fridge and help with meal plans, keep your grocery list on Evernote, and use your Google calendar to see what’s cooking for dinner next.

smart stove

Improved Ranges, Cooktops, and Ventilations

These high quality side-by-side ovens are growing in popularity for their appropriate height, style, and versatility. Many of the ovens have multiple functions and can be used as a microwave, convention oven, or steam oven (which heats food with steam). Induction stoves are also more high tech and can automatically identify the shape, size, and location of your pots on the stove. How cool!

smart dishwasher

Smart Dishwashers

Smart dishwashers have recently been introduced, and they fully monitor their own performance, diagnose problems, and can call a manufacturer for assistance with a Wi-Fi connection. They can also have auto-close doors and automatic load size censors to help make your dishwashing experience less stressful and more energy efficient.

Additionally, double dish drawers make it simple and easy to run a full dishwasher with half the load! This is because it’s split between two drawers, which makes dishwashing more affordable and eco-friendly.

smart washer and dryer

Energy Efficient Washing Machines and Dryers

Energy efficient washing machines and dryers have been introduced recently, and they’re better than ever! The front loading machines use less water, conserve energy, and adjust water temperature for clothes based on the moisture level. In addition, the new dryers can sense when your clothes are completely dry and automatically end the drying cycle to save money and energy. The fresh spin cycle, in particular, is offered with some washers to keep your laundry fresh.

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