When you work with a custom home builder, you’re not only purchasing a blueprint, you’re partnering with a firm to design and construct a custom home created specifically to your style and taste. At Diamante Homes, your home’s quality standards comes first in our business. We insure the highest level of customer satisfaction and limited problems that need attention once a project is finished.

Oftentimes, homeowners judge the quality of their home based on what they see, such as crown moulding finishes, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, wall color, and many more. Although these are important, quality standards begin with the structural components of your home and every aspect of home construction. Here are our top 3 home quality standards to consider:

Home Quality From Frame to Finish

The quality of your custom designed home lies behind the finished walls. This includes the structural stability of your home, the energy and water efficient systems, product and material choices, and paying close attention to detail. Paying attention to your custom home quality is important at every step of the construction process.

Utilizing Building Materials

The quality of your home is based on the individual parts, and how well they’re utilized. As homeowners, you may make decisions about the final finishes used in your home. There’s an array of products to choose from in your custom home, and all of these products will come together once installed.

Some products to consider include the siding material, such as traditional wood with an accent feature made of granite or stone. A great questions to ask when choosing materials is, “Will you use the real stone, the wood, or an alternative material for a lower cost?” Wood flooring is another product that remains the most popular. There are exotic wood products, traditional hardwood, or engineered wood flooring. Cabinet styles are also important to consider.

Quality Comes In the Home Building Experience

When you decide to custom design your home and choose a home building firm, you may feel overwhelmed and nervous. At Diamante Homes, we’re here to answer any of your home building questions and give you your customized dream home with the highest quality. Your custom home will have all of the personalized features you’ve always wanted in a home. It will be built around you, and only you, live your life.

Although building a new custom home is an investment in time and money, it’s also an investment in your future. Contact Diamante Homes at (210) 341-6430 to start planning your future today!