san antonio custom pool designEvery Custom Home Builder claims somehow to be greater than the sum of its parts.  But, how about a Custom Home Builder that is smarter than the rest!!

Instead of designing your custom homes plans with the hopes that the plans will come in on budget, why not find out how our Design/Build process saves Time, Money, & Energy?  The traditional approach involves visiting an independent designer, designing plans that you hope will come in on budget.  The next step involves sending the plans to a select few builders.  You may or may not like the proposed cost to build.  Could that number come in $25,000 or even $100,000 over your budget, you bet!  Next comes the hours, days, and months you will spend trying to find a builder who will build to your budget sometimes sacrificing finish out and material specifications.  What’s more is the money you will pay to go through a series of revisions with your designer in hopes of scaling your plans down enough without losing the integrity of the structure.

Diamante Custom Homes realizes that today’s savvy home buyers have visions, dreams, and of course a budget.  We have become smarter about our design process.  We know your vision and budget going in and do it right the first time around.  We are skilled at costing your project out through every step of the design process, some say it is an art, we like to call it customer service.  Remember we are not just Custom, but we are smarter than that!!

Feel free to contact us anytime to ask who our designers are or to find out more about the Design/Build process.  We would love to help!