modern minimalist custom living room

As one of the partners of my National Builder 20 Group, we often talk about the alliances we are forming with architects and designers, providing integrated design/build services to benefit our mutual clients.  It is through this kind of collaboration that our industry is making great strides toward optimizing the product delivery method, making the Design-Bid-Build system more like Design/Build, which we highly advocate!

Interestingly, in custom home designing and building, the designer typically is far removed from the production and delivery of the final product.  It is entirely within our grasp, however, to deliver a product to a consumer without a lot of fuss, and with systems in place to make to client experience an enjoyable one…………..

Imagine a world of clients, architects, builders and interior designers where the client calls and in that first conversation can get all the information about cost- not in a price per square foot, but in a lump sum dollar figure- to make an informed decision.  And what if the company, once hired, is committed to verifying that budget against the preliminary plan and updating the cost with each plan update?

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