Open view of home in La CancionThe inherent nature of our Design Build process saves you time, money and frustration.  Another not so much talked about advantage that complements our process perfectly is a virtual cloud based technology super hub!

We know that visibllity and clear communication is key to the custom home building process.  We also know that if there is a faster more streamlined way to do things – you are all for it.  At Diamante Custom Homes we are all for it as well.  Our in house interior designer expedites the process by documenting all of your selections while in the Design Phase.  And through our virtual system you can save you even time while in the Construction Phase.  We can anticipate the important decisions coming up and you can approve the decision online documented in real time.  No driving, no meeting, not really too much thinking needed.

Here you will find things like Construction Timelines and Accounting worksheets.  If you need to make a change to something – you can do it, approve it, and see how the change has affected the running tally of total cost!  You can ask us a question, leave us a comment, review past selections, even post a picture for us – all while the productivity in the field keeps on moving!

With all of this information at your finger tips, it’s like you are managing the project simultaneously with us!  And that’s what we want.  If you have any questions we are never too far away!