energy star logoDo your homework, or let us do it for you!!  At Diamante Custom Homes, every home we build is ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED to the new version 3 standard.  Our homes must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

It is imperative to us that our product MUST deliver the features and performance demanded by our clients, in addition to increased energy efficiency.  At Diamante Custom Homes, we do not just expect you to take our word that your home will be built to the highest efficiency possible.  We have done all the legwork for you and will issue you a written LIFETIME guarantee on your monthly energy bill.  If you follow our proprietary process, you’ll experience dramatic savings. You’ll quickly realize a payback on the nominal investment, and the savings will continue on as long as you own your home.

Every new home buyer wants to be confident that their home will perform to the highest energy efficient standards possible, but most settle for whatever their builder gives them. It’s what you don’t see behind the drywall and stucco that makes an enormous difference and determines whether you get a tight, energy efficient structure or one that loses far too much of your expensive heating and cooling.

Will you just take your builders word for it or even better, will you accept what your builder gives you as their standard Energy package.  We at Diamante Custom Homes truly get to know you and your wants and needs.  For example, inside the building envelope which insulation is the best for you?  Which type of insulation performs the best and how long will it take to realize the savings on that up front investment?  We will give you options and show you documented past examples of the cost of a certain type of insulation, the upfront cost, your exact monthly bill guarantee, and the time it will take to realize the savings.

We want you to feel confident during the designing stages of your home that you have not left anything to chance- we offer you the truth and budget options.  If you would like to talk further about how our ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED process can work for you,  give us a call and talk to one of our senior staff 210-341-6430.  If you do not have time to talk right now, let us get back with you!!