veritas building consultantsAt Diamante Custom Homes we strive for 100% Quality Assurance, Energy Efficiency, and Code Compliance.  Every new custom home we build will also have the Energy Star Certified seal.  Veritas Building & Energy Consultants are part of our building process, in fact we work so closely with Veritas, they are more like family!

We ensure Quality Assurance, Energy Efficiency, and Code Compliance on every new home we build by putting each project through a rigorous set of inspections.

You can be sure that every phase of our building process will pass or exceed the Veritas seal of approval.  Inspections schedules include:

Plumbing Rough-in

Foundation Pre-pour

Thermal Envelope Evaluation (Framing)

Mechanicals (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Low Voltage)

Thermal Bypass (Pre-drywall)

Energy Testing/ Energy Star Certification to include Duct Blaster & Blower Door Testing

Final Grade & Inspection

Every inspection schedule include 3-4 sub-inspections.  At Diamante Custom Homes we leave nothing to chance.  Every client will have peace of mind that each step in the construction phase will be checked to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

We are 100% committed to Quality Assurance, Energy Efficiency, and Code Compliance.  This is why we have Veritas Building & Energy Consultants as part of the team and deeply involved in our process. It is focused detail and the highest level of commitment to you and your new home!