Is your builder doing what they say they would?  Have you been promised something?  Promises are one thing that you hope are kept right?  In the custom home building world you should never hope and always be guaranteed.

Boerne Custom Home How do you ensure you are getting what you have been promised?  The truth is how do you really know?  Odds are that once you are past the builders sales process, undocumented specifications or promises fail to make it to any of the construction documents.  Then – when a question arises after construction has started…. you do not see something you have been promised.  Here starts the he said she said…

A professional builder will not just tell you what they are going to give you – they document it!  At Diamante Custom Homes we always say that if it is not part of the “Big 3 Documents” – it WILL NOT be in the home!  We do what we say!  We know what our clients expect AND we will put it in writing- every time!  We have a very detailed set of specifications that are personalized to every project.  These specifications are the instructions to building your new custom home and your guarantee that you are getting what we said you would.

For more information about our specifications or our Design Build process give us a call.