Different By Design

Many times, homebuyers have a difficult time distinguishing the differences between homebuilders–they all seem to say the same things, so how do you make a wise choice? At Diamante Custom Homes, our motto is “Different by Design,” and we distinguish ourselves from other builders by our unique design build process.

We simplify the homebuilding process by streamlining and consolidating the entire process. Throughout the entire process you are dealing with a single point of contact responsible for all aspects of design and construction. As the Design / Builder, we are uniquely qualified to not only design and build your dream home, but most importantly we ensure that your dream home is built within your budget.

From Concept to Construction

Other builders claim to be “design/build,” which basically means they meet with you, take a deposit, and then send you off to an architect and/or plan designer to work with you on the plans. This approach creates conflicts right from the start which will lead to unusually long design time, numerous revisions, and cost overruns once construction begins. At Diamante, we work directly with you from concept to completion of plans, and into construction.

When you choose Diamante Custom Homes, you will never be sent to an outside designer who may or may not be able to capture your vision and then properly shepherd the process to completion. Diamante’s Owner (Adam Sanchez) will oversee the entire process as your plans are drawn and each detail is decided to ensure that your homebuilding experience is efficient, economical and free from confusion or concern.

Time, Accuracy and Budget

There are three main benefits to choosing the Diamante “Different by Design” process: Time, Accuracy and Budget.

Time Benefit: Because we develop your home’s plans, and we are involved with all changes and updates along the way, by the time construction begins, we know the floor plan and project details intimately. We never have to undo time-consuming mistakes that frequently occur when an outside designer and builder miscommunicate on what the customer really wants.

At Diamante Homes, we can build your home much more efficiently and without the frustrations that come with having to “re-do” key aspects of your home. We provide you with a definitive timeline for completion of your plans, and once construction begins we again provide you with a definitive timeline for completion and move in.

Accuracy Benefit: Since we are the company that will ultimately have to construct your new dream home, we have a very unique perspective to add during the design stage. Unlike most plans that are drawn with “verify in field” disclaimers on them, we ensure that we draw only construction details that are truly “buildable” and will look in the home, just as they are on the plans. This construction perspective also ensures that your home is exactly as you envision. Again, we strive for “No Surprises” during construction. That goal applies to both you and us!

Budget Benefit: Any changes to your home’s design will always result in corresponding changes to the estimated home budget. The detailed process of refining the home’s design to your needs and desires is a fluid process in which construction costs can change daily. When dealing with separate designers and builders, these design/budget changes can be miscommunicated or not communicated at all resulting in financial surprises to the homebuyer.

One of the main advantages to our Design/Build process is that you are actually dealing with the SAME individuals from the very first meeting through the completion of your custom home. There will never be any “surprises” when dealing with Diamante Homes because as we modify your home’s design, we show you the changes to your final budget on the spot. This ability to tweak both your designs and your budget instantaneously gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they want at prices they can afford.