custom ceiling framingAdvanced Framing Techniques or Optimum Value Engineering (OVE) is a framing system that aims to pare the amount of lumber used to frame buildings to its highest efficiency. Advanced framing was developed in the 1960s by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Advanced Framing aims to promote less material waste adding more energy efficient insulation to spaces that would otherwise be left void.

For years now, Diamante Custom Homes, an Energy Star Certified Green Builder, has adopted the decades-old framing system. The focus being less on the cost-cutting aspects of the framing system, but rather on its other virtues, including energy and materials savings.

Advanced Framing aims to be more energy efficient in reducing the amount of wasted lumber.  In a home framed according to Optimum Value Engineering principles, the rafters, studs, and joists all line up. Because of this in-line framing we are able to fill more wall voids with insulation and save lumber by:

Stacking the wall, floor, and roof framing so that rafters, studs, and joists all line up

Switch from three-stud corners to two-stud corners with drywall clips

Use of ladder blocking at partition intersections

Among others here are some more advantages that will ultimately get passed along to our clients:

Lower labor costs — reportedly 3% to 5% lower.

Reduced environmental impact because fewer trees need to be cut for lumber.

A reduction in construction waste because dimensions are planned to fit 2-foot modules, resulting in reduced disposal costs.  A reduction in thermal bridging (because the home has fewer studs and rafters) and an increase in the available room for insulation, resulting in lower energy costs for occupants.

Fewer drywall problems like nail pops and cracking (attributable to the use of drywall clips and the reduction of redundant framing).

Of course this is just one very important step to creating the ultimate Energy Efficient custom home.  But Advanced framing is not the whole picture.  From our Energy Star Certification to the guarantee every Diamante Custom Home carries, you can be sure that your new home will be packed with the latest and greatest in building technology known today.  For more information about Optimum Value Engineering or our unique Design Build process give us a call today!