Nik Villarreal comes to us with a wealth experience and knowledge.  Nik graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2004 with his BS in Architecture.  Nik has previous experience in the early days with Diamante Custom Homes as a Project Superintendent where he quickly learned how to manage subcontractors.  Since then Nik led a team of young architects at Luna Architecture where he could truly hone his craft.

Several years later Nik ran his own plan designing operation where he collaborated on larger construction projects such as Morgan’s Wonderland and San Antonio River Authority.  Nik also has Estimating and Purchasing experience which has le him full circle to be one of the best assets on the team.  Nik also OSHA certified jumps at the chance to take any continuing education available.  5 YEARS/ FRISBIE GOLF

  • BS in Architecture & Minor in Construction Science Management
  • OSHA Certified
  • Estimator/ Purchaser
  • Over 20 Years combined experience
  • Enjoys Wind Surfing