custom entryway and wood and metal doorHave you heard the typical story about contracting to build a home at one price and then getting hit with change order after change order?

There are many ways this can occur, but one of the biggest ways ways to eliminate surprises in the field, is to double and triple check the blueprints in clash detection technology!

Diamante Custom Homes has discovered the benefits of the clash detection process during preconstruction. Seeing these conflicts ahead of time and preemptively fixing them is critical to a smooth installation once the project is underway.

When we hear the word “clash,” we think about plans that do not align with the physical construction of a home.  Identifying and fixing these issues ahead of time has been one of the best uses of today’s modern technology.  This low-hanging fruit can easily save a project hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks of wasted time waiting for drawings to be corrected or improvisation in the field.  (We have calculated the average cost of a clash at $17,000 – we have seen hundreds of professionally drawn plans and all have had one clash or another!)

Through the Diamante design & planning process we help educate you to the fact that there are other types of clashes besides geometry.  Oftentimes, there are missed changes in drawing sets which will throw a wrench into the project.  Then there will be scheduling clashes: too many crews in the same space and crew size/duration issues that lead to conflicts.

We ensure that your plan drawing will not only be optimized, but more importantly they will be drawn again in clash detection.  This is all part of the Diamante Design/Build process geared toward saving you money ultimately leaving more time for plan development off-site, leaving more time to optimize the flow & efficiency of crews on-site.  Just another way we have become smarter in the way we design & build your home!  To learn more or to set up a hassle free consultation drop us a line, we promise to get with you promptly.