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Time To Put Those Plans Into Action

Excerpts From JP Morgan Funds Market Insights
By Dr. David Kelly and David Lebovitz
Managing Director
Chief Market Strategist
J.P. Morgan Funds

~ While no one should understate the pain and destruction caused by the bursting of the housing bubble, it has had one undeniable effect: Across a wide range of measures, it has left the United States with its cheapest housing market in decades

~ However, price is only part of the story. Economic malaise, bond market complacency and the active intervention of the Federal Reserve have reduced mortgage rates to their lowest level in modern history…     Read the full article

As the New Year begins this seems to be the most prevalent time that building plans kick into overdrive.  Whether you are scaling down or upgrading, as the article clearly states there has never been a better time to build that new custom home.  To schedule a free no obligation consultation give us a call or click here to have a member of our team get back with you promptly.