Leonard is seeking his BBS in Construction Science Management from the University of Incarnate Ward with an estimated graduation date in the summer of 2016.  Leonard adds endless value to the team bringing a total of 20 years past experience.  Leonard’s experience includes serving time in the Marine Corps, US Army Core of Engineers, FEMA Disaster Relief.  Leonard is also OSHA and Heavy Equipment Certified.  He was the COO and co-founder of a Government Contracted Modular Construction Logistics company still in existence today!  Leonard is also versed in local & Government specification Laws and has gained Executive Supervisory experience dealing directly with Base Commanders.  Leonard loves to please his homeowners and is known around the jobsites citing codes and safety compliance articles from memory.  Leonard can hop on a tractor, clear or excavate the jobsite, and mange each trade from start to finish to move in! 5 YEARS/ MOTORCYCLE

  • 20 Years Past Experience
  • OSHA & Heavy Equipment Certified
  • Executive Supervisory Experience
  • Loves to Please Homeowners
  • Enjoys Riding His Motorcy