diamante custom kitchen designAt Diamante Custom Homes we engineer our homes to operate at the highest Energy standards known today!  This helps your new home perform more efficiently by reducing air infiltration, helping your windows stay cool, and your HVAC system run less often.  So when you build a Diamante Custom Home you are helping your home operate to its highest efficiency while leaving behind those outrageous monthly Energy bills.  While it is easy for some builders to discount the value of an Energy Star Certified home, we have embraced the idea for some time now and truly listened to what our clients want most- lower Energy bills!

Is it possible to have low Energy bills in a custom home, of course it is!  We acheive this new standard by a combination of smart design & building materials and Energy Star Certification & Smart engineering.  At Diamante it is easy for us to say that we will be able to reduce your Energy consumption, but we go a step beyond that and also put it in writing, guaranteed.

It is how we make Energy Analysis work smarter for you and how we have grown to embrace today’s technology for you!

Diamante Custom Homes, the Smarter Way to Build Your New Custom Home!