diamante homes custom master bedroomAre you going over budget while designing your current new home’s blueprints?  The truth is how do you really know?  Let’s face it designers know how to draw plans- they are experts at doing this.  After all, designers are trained and skilled at designing and creating what they are asked to create.  Homeowners who do not have a good handle on pricing will tell the designer what they want and the designer will only do what he was retained to do.  Now do not get me wrong I’m not blaming designers for not knowing about estimating accurate costs- it’s not their area of expertise.

This can be very daunting especially if you are on a tight budget.  Everyone has a budget!  What is your budget $500,000 or is it $1 million?  This is a very exciting time in your lives and this may be the single largest investment you undertake.  All too often we talk to clients who’s dreams are shattered.   They had a dream to build their custom home, met with a designer, told him exactly what they wanted, and now all they have to show for the thousands of dollars spent and months of design time are plans that have grown too big or too expensive.

So what now?  You do not want to give up your dream and are willing to do anything to bring your dream to fruition.  You will invest even more time sending your plans to a variety of different home builders with the hopes that one of them will give you a break.  This can create desperation and frustration about the home building process.  The next step for you at this point for example, is to settle for materials and finishes that you did not want or worst case scenario change the design altogether and start all over.

At Diamante Custom Homes, we realize that this scenario happens everyday.  Whats more is that you end up picking the wrong builder based solely on the low bid, maybe even the handyman builder that works out of his truck.  Do not let this happen to you.  Invest an hour out of your day to come in a visit with us about our Design/Build process.  We design your dream home based on the budget you set and accurately cost the project out with every pencil stroke of the design.  Additionally, ask us to speak with a past client who has been through the Design/Build process.