foam insulationThere has been a lot of buzz lately about foam insulation.  I hear this statement everyday, “I heard that foam insulation is the only way to go to ensure the maximum energy efficiency!”

Does foam insulation work?  Yes without a doubt it does.  Is this the only way to a maximized energy efficiency? No!  There are a ton of solutions.

That said, Diamante Custom Homes offers Energy Star Certification on every home without exception!  Not only are all of our homes Energy Star Certified, we also offer you a monthly guarantee on your Energy Bill.  This is very hard to achieve, but something that we are just used to doing.  We have been offering a monthly energy guarantee in every home for about 20 years now.

Back to the question about Foam Insulation.  Do you have to use foam to achieve this certification and the monthly guarantee?  No!  We are able to give you options on insulation and the same guarantee- whether you want a low cost high efficiency cellulose product, middle of the road hybrid product, or 100% foam insulation.

Whats even better, we are able to demonstrate the upfront cost and the years it will take for this insulation investment to break even.  Even better than that is the savings on the size of HVAC system because of the reduced air infiltration into your home.  We realize that our clients have become more educated in this aspect so in turn we have become smarter in the way we build your custom home.

For more information on the way we build every Diamante Custom Home stop by when you are in the area.  Or read more about the process here.  We realize that the majority of our clients are busy professionals so let us get back with you promptly.