The custom home building process with the team approach or “Design Build” usually involves less confusion and it typically is better integrated.

Diamante Parade door In traditional custom home building approach or design – bid – build, clients are often dealing with just one piece to the puzzle in the design phase.  The builder is removed from the design process and generally brought on board after the plans are signed, sealed, and delivered.  Being disengaged in that process means that we as builders are neither learning nor contributing to the final solutions and implementations.

This disconnect by the design team – builder and architect,has long reaching effects on the project.  It typically results in longer construction time, retrofits during construction, untold change orders, and a high level of frustration that can erode even the best of client relationships.  All of this happens before the interior designer shows up with a new wave of change orders, retrofits, electrical lighting requirements, all of which are remapped to accommodate furnishings, artwork, TV’s, window treatments, etc.  With proper planning most of this is avoidable.

Conversely in the Diamante Custom Homes Design Build Process, we handle all of this in one seamless process.  This streamlined design phase integrates the design team, builder – architect – interior designer.  We are able to solve design flaws, special client design requests, control cost, while getting to know each other and the blueprints intimately long before construction commences.  Everyone involved early is educated and engaged early on so that there is no confusion during construction.   To learn more about about our Design Build Process give us a call to set up a time to chat!  Or drop us a line and we will be sure to get back with you.