It is important to note…that the architectural plans may be drawn with some imperfections!  More importantly the plans may have a framing detail that gets missed by the architect, engineer, and ultimately the builder while in the bidding phase.  This oversight comes to fruition during the actual framing process and you quickly discover that this framing detail physically will not work!

There is no way to frame this detail as the plans have been drawn.  What happens next is production stops and we are back in the architects office formulating a remedy.  Sometimes the solution involves additional cost!

The takeaway here is how important it is to have your builder involved from day 1.  Involvement and collaboration by builder and architect minimizes these types of flaws in plans, additional out-of-pocket expense and in field delays.

This error in the framing detail could have been avoided in the preplanning stages.  At Diamante Custom Homes we have a hands on approach and we are highly involved in every aspect of the design and planning process.  Because we are the ones building the home, we can preemptively avoid these issues.  To learn more about our Design Build process give us a call anytime!