ICF custom home framingAs your premier San Antonio Custom Home Builder we are here to give you options.  I know we have referenced ICF framing in the past, but I wanted to touch on it one more time.  I have been getting a lot of inquires and requests lately for this type of framing in lieu of the traditional wood or stick-framing. I have heard a lot about the interest in ICF, but the turn off was the boxy nature of the design.

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) represent the superior way to build. ICF is more simple and easier to install than wood-frame methods — and, even other ICF systems. It’s faster and takes less time with fewer people. And it’s better, because ICF buildings are vastly more energy-efficient, this coupled with our already superior Energy Guarantee effectively creates the absolute highest energy efficiency known today. ICF is stronger, quieter, and resistant to fire, moisture, & mold with a positive ecological impact.

Simply put, ICF is Greener, Faster, Better, and now has no limits to design.  In the early days of ICF technology it was normal to see  a lot of straight lines with very few radius walls in the design, if any!

We have come a long way from those days and now the ICF framed houses we build have many more arches and radius walls in the design.  So along with the unique nature of ICF framing, we can now give you a unique design with no limitations.  To learn more about this type of construction or our unique Design/Build process we would love to hear from you!  You can reach us at the main office in San Antonio at 210-341-6430.  If you are short on time, let us get back with you soon.  Remember at Diamante Custom Homes, we are not just Custom, but we are smarter than that!

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