San Antonio custom home stairwayIn times like these it is only natural for consumers to take advantage of the competitive market and stretch their dollar to the limits.  We compare prices, quality, warranty, and service.  We compare one builder to the next, knowing that someone out there wants the sale worse than the next guy.  But this approach may not always be the best when it comes to building a custom home, as this purchase is significantly different than most.  Building a home may likely be one of the largest investments you undertake in your lifetime.  It requires a mutual trusting relationship- one that will continue long after the sale.

So having said that, there are two schools of thought:  The Design/Build Approach and The Design-Bid-Build Approach.  The Design/Build Approach involves an owner, builder, designer/architect.  This methodology involves the initial team working together with a supporting cast of surveyors, engineering companies, interior designers, etc.  In this approach the Design/Build team works as one in a synergistic fashion to seamlessly take you from design to the turn key construction of your new home on budget.

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