frustrated woman

Do you feel like you are talking to a brick wall?  What do you do and where do you turn once frustration sets in even before you start the building process?  Most often than not, we find that many people get frustrated at the early stages of the building process.  This can happen after plans have been drawn or while they are being drawn.  In some cases we find that the client ends up walking away with plans that have either grown too big and exceed the target budget or the client gets frustrated with the process and decides to buy a resale home after wasting months of precious time.

At Diamante Custom Homes, we design your plans around your budget and with your vision in mind from the start.  We truly understand your vision and because we will be by your side through every pencil stroke of the design, we know exactly what it will take to build your home and more importantly- how much it will cost.  We take everything into consideration from ‘what does the land tell us to do?’ to ‘how much the materials will cost!’

We have refined the Design/Build process for the better part of 20 years.  It is designed to save you time and money as you go through the design process.  If you are at the point of frustration and feel like your design is going nowhere, give us a call to set up a hassle free appointment or click here.  We will take the time to listen to your wants and needs and design a home that fits you and not the designer’s version of you.