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Boerne Hill Country green arrowsA recent article in the October issue of Boerne Business Monthly by Bryan Pope – Associate Editor, Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University – cites a hotter Texas Housing Market for 2014.

The article talks about the state of Texas out performing the national average for job growth while adding over 459,000 jobs since January 2012.  This job growth is likely to continue through 2014 he also stated.  This optimism stemming from the state’s job market to the “ridiculously cheap” mortgage rates according to the article.

While mortgage rates are increasing, they are still at historically low levels and if you have a job – building a custom home has never been more affordable.  Finally the article states that Texas – like many parts of the country – has an all time low housing inventory.  This lack of inventory is likely to push prices higher.  Home builders will not be able to build homes fast enough and developers will not be able to supply enough lots to meet the demand.

There has never been a better time to build a custom home and if you are in the market for one Diamante Custom Homes is just a phone call away!