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Contemporary home

Building Green, now what exactly does that mean?

There are often two different interpretations of this modern day concept.  The question we like to ask is….”Do you want to help reduce your house’s carbon footprint on this earth or do you want to achieve the highest energy efficiency possible today?”

Whichever way you want to take to direction of your new home, we can get you there.

True Green building- Going GREEN is comprised of several components such as low-flow plumbing fixtures & rainwater catchment for water conservation and by utilizing Geo-thermal for energy conservation.  Another component involves the land itself involving minimum land disturbance and erosion.

True Energy Efficient building- Saving GREEN Backs is also comprised of several components, however there is a slight difference in mindset here.  Maximum efficiency is achieved through sealing your home completely from all air infiltration.  It is achieving Energy Star Certification and passing all 30 plus Energy Star inspections.  Furthermore, the most bang for your buck is the GUARANTEE we give you on your monthly Energy bill.  The reason we are so far ahead of our peers when it comes to Energy Efficiency is in the way we design your home and its respective heating and cooling system.  We start off with the perfect insulation package and finish with engineering your homes systems to perform at the most efficient levels known today.

So what does GREEN mean to you?  We would love the opportunity to discuss your new project and all of the GREEN options available.  Give us a call today to discuss your new project!