Being a custom home builder in Texas means adapting to an array of landscapes and elevations. Although Diamante Custom Homes builds each and every home with consideration and care, highly sloped home sites and neighborhoods present different opportunities. From the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country to majestic neighborhoods like Cantera Hills, our custom home sites adapt to the area surrounding them.

At Diamante Custom Homes, we build Hill Country dream homes in the area you want it, and we understand that each custom home site is distinctive. Before you begin building your custom high slope home, it’s important to consider these five steps to minimize challenges and make the experience rewarding:

1. Select Your Budget

When you build a home on a highly sloped lot, you need to first buy the lot to build on. It’s important to set your budget, which includes the cost of both the lot and the home construction. First, determine how much you want to spend before you start looking at lots. Second, start allotting funds for the house and lot, and if necessary, discuss taking out a loan. Highly sloped lots most often means extra foundation costs or site work on earth cutting. In addition, there may be some unplanned costs that come your way, so plan your budget early to prevent maxing it out.

How Does Purchasing a Loan for Buying Land and Building Work?

If this is your first time buying a lot and building a custom home on it, then you may want to consider two loan options to choose from. If you plan on buying your lot and building your custom home right away, then an interim construction loan is for you. Or, if you’d like to buy the lot for future builder use, then a land/lot loan is what you need.

2. Find Your Dream Lot to Build On

While custom Hill Country homes offer breathtaking views and beautiful scenery, it’s important to consider the environmental factors that surround the property. For example, will your Hill Country lot have a hillside, trees, valleys, streams, boulders or other terrain challenges? Although all of this terrain makes a gorgeous yard, it’s essential to review both the advantages and challenges with the builders to design a custom plan that takes both budget and terrain into consideration.

3. Determine Your House Plans

What are your building ideas for your dream Hill Country home? Often times, your house design must consider the sloped terrain lot and environment. When planning, ask your builder about the community’s design guidelines. Hill Country builders understand how to build on sloped lots and maintain the natural beauty of the Hill Country.

What do you want in your house? Consider including outdoor spaces for relaxation, such as a porch, a deck, a BBQ space, a treehouse for your children or grandchildren, etc. Once you have your house plans outlined, show them to your builder and make sure your budget is doable. Additionally, it’s important to consider if you want a Hill Country setting or neighborhood community. Ask your builder for more information about this during house planning.

4. Find a Custom Home Builder in San Antonio, Texas Highland Country, or More

With the right custom home builder, you’ll receive a professional home building expert who knows the area and has experience building on high slope lots. At Diamante Custom Homes, you’ll work with honest, reliable and dedicated professionals in custom home building, and they give accurate building information to all clients. Diamante Custom Homes will provide a thorough, written construction plan, timeline and estimated costs to consider.

5. From the Start to End of Construction

Once you’ve finalized your house plans, determined your budget, and have a custom home builder, the building process will begin. The construction process will include constructing the house’s foundation, the house’s frame, the roof, windows, plumbing, HVAC and electricity, including inside fixtures and exterior work.

When construction is complete, your builder will walk you through your new home, as well as answer any of your questions or concerns. There will be a final building inspection, and then you’ll be offered a certificate of occupancy. Next, you’ll move into your beautiful dream home!

For more information on building your custom dream home with Diamante Custom Homes, please call us today at 210-341-6430.