diamante custom homes poolAt Diamante Custom Homes, we do a simple thing!  That simple thing is building truly unique custom homes.  But there are a lot of companies that claim to do that.  In fact a lot of other companies will promise you detailed customer service then simply leave you to do the designing with an outside architect.  Inherent in this traditional way of designing and constructing a home is a lot of confusion, wasted time and money.

So we do it a different way!  A way that makes more sense, you could call it a smarter way.  We will design your home in house and estimate the cost at every pencil stroke, so that there is no confusion and more importantly no wasted time redesigning or money paying for that redesign.

We gather the team ahead of time and design your home in a synergistic fashion to included the architect, surveyors & engineers, and interior designer.  At completion of design we will be ready to break ground, all the while everyone has already been on the same page.  The best part about the Design Build methodology is that there were never any surprises, because the budget we started with is the one we finished at.

At Diamante Custom Homes, we make designing and building your home a little easier, more convenient, more rewarding, and more fulfilling year after year!  It is the reason our clients do not really feel like clients- they feel like family!  So come find your Smarter Way today.