Custom stove at ranch

The Holiday Season is here and these are times we spend with family!  The Holiday Season is also a time of increased energy usage.  We invite extended family over to our houses, we see lights on more often and ovens baking more frequently.  These are times of high Energy use, but it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday!

Do you want to build a new custom home and want the utility bills kept in check?  You can!  At Diamante Custom Homes we have an Energy Concept and not just one or two things that may be Energy Saving Measures.

Our Energy Concept is multifaceted.  Every Diamante Custom Home comes with Energy Star Certification.  This is a modified new standard that is very tough to achieve, but a standard that has become synonymous with the way we construct our homes.  Energy Star Certified homes start with zero air infiltration into the home.

Energy Star Certification is paralleled with increased inspections and quality assurance throughout the building process.  We use “Veritas” an independent third party energy rating inspection company.  More than about 30 sub inspections make up the energy rating process.  Along with the inspections comes peace of mind that your home was actually built the right way.

Another part of Diamante Energy Concept is our no worry Monthly Guarantee.  We will actually guarantee your new homes energy usage on a monthly basis- guaranteed not to exceed “x” dollars!  There is no secret to how we achieve the highest efficiency, it is how we “build” our homes.  It is the reason we can offer more than 7,000 sq ft not to exceed $250 a month.  This is the Diamante standard and one that has been widely recognized as the most Energy Efficient Custom Home building practice in South Texas.  To set up free consultation give us a call today or click here to have one of us follow up with you!