diamante superintendant and site workerDoes the Sales Process transfer into results?  You were given a nice sales presentation that talked up the custom home builder’s construction process.  Often times the last looming question before you decide to sign on the dotted line is “How do I really know the quality and craftsmanship will be delivered as well as it was promised?”

There is no way to really know without having a crystal ball, but there are some things you can do to ease these fears.  First, do your due diligence.  Ask the builder selection you have in mind for a list of references.  Ask the references how well the process was and was it what they were promised?  Construction process related questions can go a long way in help with indecision.

Secondly, ask your builder selection questions about the construction process, more directly who will be managing the day to day operation in the field?  Lastly and certainly not least, does your builder have the systems and processes in place to streamline the construction product delivery.  This should tell you a lot about the experience of the operation and how well organized the builder is.  Let’s face it, if your builder does not have the staff, systems, and processes in place in the field, how well organized will your home truly be built and how could you not question the quality?

At Diamante Custom Homes we employ all full time degreed professionals to assist you in every step of the process.  The Owner of the company handles the strategic vision, client satisfaction, logistics, and oversees all facets of the company’s Design Build process.  Our in house accountant handles purchase orders, invoices, draw schedules, taxes, and sub-contractor payroll.  Our Marketing Director handles client awareness, marketing & advertising, technology, and follow up results .  Our in house Estimator handles estimating and purchasing.  Our Project Superintendent is in the field at all times.  He handles the day to day project operation and is responsible for the transfer of the sales process into the field.  His sole existence is to ensure what you heard in the sales process comes true.

To learn more about the Diamante process, unmatched value, and  third party field inspections give us a call today to set up a free no hassle consultation.