artist rendering of custom designed home

Do you have a hard time visualizing one dimensional drawings on paper?  What if your property has some slope to it or needs to be cut in a way you cannot conceptualize?  We have tirelessly analyzed this!

Diamante Custom Homes has been utilizing 4D modeling technology in our Design Build process to produce full color to scale models of the plans we draw on the computer.  Let’s face it, we are in the day and age where the technology exists to bring your plans to life before we actually hit construction.  The only time we put pencil to paper is in the initial conceptual stages and all drawings after that are done on the computer in a 4D Auto CAD format.

Not only can we produce a computer model of of the exterior of your plans, but we can also show you what your kitchen will look like in the design phase of your new home.  Years ago, many of us wished that one day something like this would exist to illustrate what the plans dictated.  Well that “one day” is here and now.  While many custom home builders have been reluctant to evolve, we have taken measures to ensure total visualization even before heading into construction.

While this visualization, we have learned is sometimes key, the most important factor in the 4D modeling is “Clash Detection.”  Clash detection serves as a saftey net to ensure there are no surprises and most importantly no change orders once construction has commenced.  What if the one dimensional plans are not perfect and what if the plans have missed important details crucial to providing a smooth transition into the field?  One missed important detail on the plans equals a change order in the field.  We do not like change orders, who does?  If you have a challenged lot or want to find out more about Clash Detection give us a call today or drop us a line for a hassle free consultation!