diamante custom home pillarsAt Diamante Custom Homes we analyze and design the mechanical system of your new home like NO ONE ELSE!!  We Guarantee that you will get 50 to 70% Energy savings on your home Energy Bills!!

Diamante Custom Homes has developed the MOST comprehensive, easy-to-understand construction plan review and modification program available anywhere. As part of the process we develop on every home, we use proprietary software derived from the experience of NASA thermal consultants on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs.

This unique tool allows us to create a detailed energy analysis report from each set of new home plans. The data accurately projects the heating and cooling consumption, comparative savings, and the optimal heating and cooling system sizing for your home or building. Best of all, the energy usage calculations and incredible energy savings are GUARANTEED in writing!

To learn more about our unique Design/Build process or to learn more about the latest in Energy Technology call us now to set up a low pressure consultation or let us get back with you when you are free!