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Energy Star Certified Since 1992

What makes Diamante Custom Homes different?
Our Energy Star Certified homes are independently verified to be at least 30% more energy efficient than a typical new home and 50% more energy efficient than a typical existing resale home. These savings are based on heating, cooling & hot water energy use and are achieved through a combination of:

High performance windows

Controlled air infiltration with Mechanically Engineered HVAC System

Upgraded heating and air conditioning systems

Tight duct systems and Upgraded water-heating equipment

Diamante’s Energy Star Certified new homes achieve their energy savings through a variety of reliable and established technologies and building practices.  Our Energy Star Certified homes feature tighter construction than that of homes built even just a few years ago. Tighter house construction can improve the energy efficiency, air quality, longer lasting HVAC systems, and overall comfort of your home by eliminating unwanted drafts.

What is specifically done to our homes to make them Energy Star Certified?
Green building is accomplished by increasing the energy efficiency of a home through Tighter Air Ducts, Cutting Edge Insulation, Higher Performance Windows, and Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment.

Why buy a Diamante Custom Homes Energy Star Certified home?
We are able to offer you increased value through lowering your utility bills and maintenance costs, better comfort, durability & quality, and a better indoor environment.  We focus on increasing inspections and higher quality assurance.

Through tighter home construction we can offer you:

Improved comfort – reducing drafts, noise, and moisture.

Improved indoor air quality – keeping dust, pollen, car exhaust, and insects out of the home.

Lower costs – reduces escape of conditioned air.

Did I mention our LIFETIME energy bill guarantee.  By a combined effort of building your home to the highest efficiency possible and mechanically engineering our HVAC systems, we offer every Diamante client a lifetime energy bill guarantee.  An energy bill of a typical 3000 square foot home with our guarantee is roughly $65 per month.  Contact one of our senior staff at 210-341-6430 or just have us get back to you shortly!