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Energy Star seems to be the latest buzz word!

At Diamante Custom Homes, our homes are not just Energy Star Rated or Energy Star Qualified.  Our clients receive an Energy Star Certification on their home.  This is truly something different.  By Certifying our homes we guarantee lower Energy bills and do not simply tell you to trust us that your home will perform well, we put it in writing!  The truth is that this standard is very hard to achieve through increased inspections, quality assurance, and building to a whole newer level.  That level is Energy Star Certified 3.0 2012.

Some builders talk about it then proceed to tell you that it will cost extra or at the other end of the spectrum, they do not do it at all.  Ask them why?

Why buy a Diamante Custom Homes Energy Star Certified home?

We are able to offer you increased value through lowering your utility bills and maintenance costs, better comfort, durability & quality, and a better indoor environment. We ensure this by increasing inspections and quality assurance.

Tighter home construction can offer you:

  • Improved comfort – reducing drafts, noise, and moisture.
  • Improved indoor air quality – keeping dust, pollen, car exhaust, and insects out of the home.
  • Lower costs – reduces escape of conditioned air.

Our monthly energy bill guarantee offers piece of mind! By a combined effort of building your home to the highest efficiency possible and mechanically engineering our HVAC systems, we offer every Diamante client a monthly energy bill guarantee. An energy bill of a typical 3000 square foot home through our guarantee is roughly $65 per month.