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Terra Mont-Design BuildWe often think of what it is like to have a one man design team.  One person far removed from the actual construction phase of the project.  One person responsible for keeping the client at the target size and target budget.

Then we ask ourselves how you stay on your target budget when the person drawing the plans has never had to cost out the materials needed to build the house!

At Diamante Custom Homes we think that there should be a purpose to the design of the home.  There seems to be an arsenal of builders and architects who design aimlessly without a purpose.  The purpose aka. “the budget” is something that we always consider first and foremost.  Do you have a realistic budget for the house you want to build?  Wouldn’t you want to know before you pay thousands of dollars for plans you cannot afford to build?

Our team will design a plan with you centered around target size and target budget.  We have the best architects on our team.  We will never waste your time designing for months with giving you the proverbial “reality check!”  Because we are the one building the house, we know exactly how much your plans will cost to build and more importantly we will cost your project out at each milestone during the Design phase.

After all, we are providing you a service.  Yes we know it may sound hard to believe that this concept still exists, but it does.  Give us a call to find out everything our service includes, it has never been a better time to get started!