Why have a home planning checklist to design and build your custom home?

First, there’s plenty of preparatory work involved with the design and building of your home. Like many things in life, organization is key to making the process more stress free and manageable for you, your family and everyone else involved. Creating a custom home planning checklist will ensure organization from the design phase to the final stages of construction.

There are four main objectives that you need to identity on your home planning checklist:

1. Find Land to Build a Home

Property should be at the top of your home planning checklist. The ideal case is to already have acquired land before you embark on home construction. However, Diamante Custom Homes can guide you through the steps to find available land in your desired area. If you already own land, then that’s even better and we can move on from this step in the process.

Making a land purchase is an essential step in your home planning process. A popular option is to take out a construction loan to cover the total cost of the land (land + construction budget) from the onset. For example, if you’re approved for a $1,000,000 total all in construction cost and your land costs $150,000, then you’re only left with $850,000 to build the structure.Foundation area of house

2. Home Construction Loan Finances

More often than not, home planning isn’t complete without getting pre-approved in some way for a home construction loan at your local banking institution. We can generally guide you through the process and the pros/cons of your financing options, and have professionals ready to help.

In addition to this, you need to have a general idea of what your project will cost. Talk to your home builder to get cost estimates to build and design your home. When you know the estimated value of your total project, the home building process generally will be more stress-free, more organized, and more simplified.

3. Residential Design Options

When establishing your home planning checklist, take into account any design services you’re interested in. At Diamante Custom Homes, we can walk you through the design process and discuss our Boutique design services and options with you. Our Boutique service guarantees to capture your dream home vision while working comfortably alongside design& planning professionals.

heavy duty lifting machine lifting steel beamAdditionally, we can set up appointments with you or conduct short meetings with our design  & planning professionals. This way, you feel more comfortable and confident in the home building and design process with us.

4. Monitor Construction Phases

At this stage of the home planning checklist, you’ve chosen your home builder and design options, and your dream home is almost complete! To keep the dream a reality, it’s important for you to monitor the construction phases, keep an open mind, and communicate regularly with your home builder. Doing this can aid in monitoring the cost of home construction while staying on your target budget.

Although daily site visits are not required, about once to twice a week is efficient enough. You can make sure that the home building process is going smoothly.

If you follow these four home planning checklist tips, you will have an organized and well-managed design and construction process. Contact Diamante Homes for more questions on home planning at 210-341-6430.