This past year, we’ve seen incredible advancements in technology and transformative home building operations. As more millennials begin to enter the market, they demand more “must-haves,” and there’s constantly more pressure on home builders to work harder and smarter.

For 2018, Diamante Homes is embracing some fantastic new trends in custom home building, from vibrant and rich colors throughout the home to modern finishes and intricate wall patterns.

Here are the top 2018 trends that made our list.

Vibrant color in kitchens.

More millennials are interested in increasing the color in their kitchens, to give their home a brighter and more personal style; vibrant colors in the kitchen can also make cooking stains and countertop damage less visible. From baby blue cabinets and orange granite counters, intricate colors in your kitchen can change your home from a cold, dark style to a warm, comfortable aesthetic.

Dark, rich colors throughout the home.

While customizing your home, work closely with your home builders and pay attention to color throughout your home. Darker, richer colors in your home can make your furniture pop, and enhance your decorative items; some rich colors such as ruby red, navy blue, and forest green are excellent to explore in your custom home.

Add tile designs to your walls.

That’s right. Tile designs can add a modern, artistic element to a wall, as well as be more damage-resistant than traditional wallpaper. When building and designing your home next year, pay special attention to intricate tile patterns to add a compositional look to your walls; tile designs will give your walls a wallpaper-like backsplash, while having greater longevity and viability.

Casual and modern bedrooms.

Next year, millennials are taking advantage of minimalist designs and calming, comfortable aesthetics. Soothing bedroom colors, such as sandy beach comforters, light blue carpets, or glossy white computer desks, will give your bedroom a more relaxing design.

Millwork detailing.

Most popular in bathrooms and kitchens, wooden walls with millwork detailing is becoming more commonplace in custom homes; however, millwork detailing on walls is expected to be seen more frequently in bedrooms. For 2018, embrace the simplicity and minimalist design of millwork features and details in your bedroom next year.

No more stainless steel or white appliances.

We have a prediction at Diamante Homes for 2018 home appliances: we expect stainless steel and white sinks to be replaced by copper, stone, concrete, or granite materials. We also believe that concrete will become a more common home building material, and be used more in decorative textures.

At Diamante Homes, we start and embrace the latest custom home building and design trends every year, serving all of San Antonio, Austin, and more surrounding Texas cities. For more details on our custom home building services, please call 210-341-6430.