Housing is a massive economic driver of this region and one that so many workers and their families depend on. If we can keep moving safely and steadily, we will play a key role in cushioning the inevitable economic impact. Most, now all, residential construction jobs have small crews with plenty of distance between individuals, which fortunately makes the nature of our work compatible with public health recommendations.

“Above all, our main goal is the safety of all of our on-site team members as we diligently track the guidelines from the CDC as well as direction from the local governmental authorities” Adam Sanchez, President Diamante Custom Homes

Construction, Residential Real Estate to be specific, was the leading driver of our prosperous economy prior to the Coronavirus health crisis. There is no reason not to think that it will also be steering the ship leading us out of it as well. The CEO of Associated General Contractors of America, Stephen E. Sandherr has urged Construction companies to keep open, keep safe, and keep building.

OSHA has classified the construction industry as a low risk environment as workers already wear protective gear and keep a good distance from other workers.

See OSHA’s recommendations to keep workplaces safe from the corona virus: www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3990.pdf

Because this is an evolving situation, each day we are ensuring we are up to date on decisions by public officials. We recognize that as situations change, our teams will need to be flexible in our approach to getting business done.

Aligned to government guidelines, and beyond, construction activity continues across each of our active sites under extensive health and safety protocols. As an employer, we play a pivotal role in any outbreak. We are uniquely situated to communicate the facts and protect employees from exposure at work.

The following is advice of organizations like the WHO and the CDC on the Top Ten Essential Response Tactics for us as Contractors to our employees and Subcontractors:

  • Follow reputable sources and regulatory bodies (and encourage your employees to do the same).
  • Communicate with your employees frequently.
  • Listen to your employees’ fears and feedback.
  • Create an infection control plan (and fund it).
  • Train your employees on your infection control measures.
  • Make a contingency plan to continue services.
  • Equip your employees to carry out your contingency plan.
  • Communicate with clients and customers frequently.
  • Continually improve.

Proponents of a continued, extra pre-cautious, job site environment for construction workers– from both management and organized labor is if we can keep at least some people employed without exacerbating the public health risk, we should.

Seven million Americans work in construction, nearly three times as many as work for the federal government. Carlo Scissura, the president of the New York Building Congress, which represents contractors, engineers, architects, and other building professionals, said “If there’s one thing that keeps our country moving, it’s building.”

We at Diamante Custom Homes are wishing everyone the best, and healthy regards during these difficult times. We will get through this together.