wall framing and drywall installationAt Diamante Custom Homes, we have partnered with a third party Research & Development Co. that does nothing but study the aspects of insulation, air quality, comfort requirements, equipment efficiency and well, a lot more than you probably want to read about now. This translates into up-to-date information regarding available and cost-effective options for saving energy and saving you money.

Beyond saving money, every Diamante Custom Homes Energy Analysis Report considers humidity control, air quality and the general health and comfort of the environment within the structure. After all, living in a healthy environment with consistent comfort is really what you want for you and your family.

The largest factors contributing to discomfort in the home are the humidity levels in the summer and inconsistent hot and cold spots throughout the structure. We solve this by correctly matching and sizing your HVAC system to an airtight home to maintain a guaranteed relative humidity level between 35 and 50% (when the HVAC system is running).

We can virtually eliminate those undesirable hot and cold spots by properly positioning your home’s duct work while accounting for the number and type of windows and the physical position of your home and its surrounding environment. It is critical to have the HVAC system properly designed to maintain ideal humidity levels or you run the risk of experiencing a home that is too dry (resulting in baking the paint and drying the caulk), or too wet (resulting in window condensation, mold’s ideal environment).  Simply put, we devote a lot of time and research to a system that truly works.  So do not just take our word for the LIFETIME energy guarantee we offer- see it in writing!!  If you would like to know more about our proprietary Design/Build process that emphasizes your budget and green building requests back 100% by a Energy Star Certification call us now 210-341-6430.  Or if you are busy right this moment have us get back to you promptly!