san antonio custom home roof framingAt Diamante Custom Homes our motto is accuracy!  Accurate in cost analysis so we keep you on budget through the entire design process and accurate in pre-construction drawings.

We use a computer modeling technology in part 1 of our custom home building process, The Design Phase.  This technology serves a few purposes such as visualization and  engineering the home and landscape design.  However, the most important use of our modeling is for Clash Detection.

Clash Detection is a process of discovering the building system conflicts and issues by collaborating in 3D during the MEP Model Coordination process.  Sometimes referred to as interference checking and/or interference avoidance.

Clash Detection saves time & money and yet another way we have become smarter about the way we build.  96% of our clients are busy professionals and we realize that time is something that you can never get back.  Have you have heard the cliche “measure twice and cut once?”  We design your plans once on paper and again on the computer to ensure there will be no surprises and more importantly no wasted time once we go into construction.  We save you money by preemptively catching flaws in the drawings ahead of time before they are discovered in the field.  If these flaws are caught in the office during design, they are easily corrected at no expense.  If the flaws make it to the field, there can be very costly change orders as a result.

At Diamante Custom Homes we pride ourselves and our process on providing our clients the most accurate cost to build before we head into construction.  What’s more is that we keep you on budget through the entire design phase and more times than not, we come in under budget!  If you would like to know more about any part of the process or would like to come in to find out how to get started, contact us now.  Historically there has never been a better time to build that new custom home.