Beeville-EntryThis New Year why not build your house without all the worry!  Unfortunately in the home building environment it is not uncommon to see errors or omissions on the blueprints transferred right into your project.  We have seen insufficient insulation, to HVAC duct leaks, to failed foundation systems.  Maybe the plans were drawn the right way, but the sub-contractor on your job may have just had a bad day.  In any event, you cannot afford to be too sure!

At Diamante Custom Homes, we build truly one-of-a-kind custom homes.  We are not in the warranty business nor do we like client call backs.  We like building homes the right way the first time.  On every project we undertake from project planning to Energy Star Certification, Veritas Building Consultants ensure that nothing gets missed!

This dynamic, teaming up with the best in the business while going through more than 30 inspections throughout the building process, ultimately gives us and you peace of mind.  This is the reason that we never get call backs on failed foundation systems, water leaks, missing insulation, or duct leaks.  It is also the reason that we can say that we inspect all of our homes with the most sophisticated diagnostic testing tools in the industry!  If you would like to know more about our Design Build Process, give us a call today!