Individual photo Breannah


Tel: 210 -753-8366


Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design
Grew up in the Design and Construction Industry
Past Working Experience in Model Home, Kitchen & Bath
Loves Working With & Designing for Diamante Clients
Enjoys Refurbishing Furniture

Breannah is a recent college graduate from The Design Institute of San Diego where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design. Breannah’s early career began in her family’s business in Maine designing kitchens and baths. During her education she worked in the model home industry and led her schools International Interior Design Association. Breannah always wanted to be an interior designer. Following in her father’s footsteps, she began to love the process of construction and design. Being able to bring the client’s dreams to life has always been her biggest motivation. Client satisfaction is the drive behind all Breannah’s designs.

“My father told me as a child, ‘If you are going to do anything do it well or do not do it at all,’ I have never forget his words of wisdom. Each and every design detail no matter how small is never overlooked or under designed.”

Breannah relocated to San Antonio in 2015 from San Diego California. With her past working experience in kitchen and bathroom designs and model homes, designing for Diamante Custom Homes was a perfect fit. No two projects are alike, allowing Breannah to find the perfect personalized design solution for each and every client. 1 YEAR/ SURFING