diamante homes custom bathroom

How far the bathroom has come in housing history! In a few decades it has transformed from an unheated outside shack to a treasured private retreat. Sure, the basic functions of a bathroom are the same, but in today’s master suites the space has evolved to include a variety of spa-like amenities and luxury features.

As in the kitchen (the other “hot button” room of any house), design professionals and product manufacturers have focused their efforts on the bathroom with an increasing variety of styles, finishes, and features. Consider these current bath trends:

Shower Power: Forget about a single shower head hung from the wall. Today’s showers offer multiple, adjustable heads that can be set up on any wall, featuring control pads to manipulate spray patterns, intensity, and temperature. Some heads, called shower tiles, are set flush to the wall or ceiling to provide a gentle spray, while handheld shower wands allow users the ultimate in water control.

Tub Time: Bathtubs are not only getting longer and deeper, and with requisite whirlpool jets, but also can include mood lighting and spillover troughs to create a more relaxing experience. Called “chroma-therapy” by one plumbing manufacturer, these tubs feature underwater LED lights that gently change color and include effervescent bubbling action from multiple underwater ports to enhance the soothing effect. Meanwhile, overflow tubs enable a deeper soaking experience without the worry of making a mess.  CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE