ceiling framing and insulationEach and every Diamante Custom Home in carefully designed and constructed to acheive Energy Star Certification.

Achieving this designation does not alone guarantee performance of the operating building. Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION is the first part of a two-step process to achieve the energy goal through energy-efficient design. The second step is to measure and verify building performance through energy bills—so that design can translate to operating the building to earn the ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED label.

The performance of our homes is a very important measure that we do not take for granted.  We carefully plan your homes performance taking into account the entire building envelope.  We accomplish maximum efficiency of our homes through Tighter Air Ducts, Cutting Edge Insulation, Higher Performance Windows, and Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment.

The final step to the homes greatest efficiency is the GUARANTEE!  Energy Star Certification helps us achieve the guarantee and is not the lone factor.  The final step in achieving the Diamante Energy Guarantee is in the HVAC mechanical engineering.  By combining the Energy Star process, HVAC engineering, and Advanced Framing Techniques, your new custom home will be truly engineered to perform at it’s greatest potential!